Redundancy Letter – Initial Consultation

Redundancy Letter – Initial Consultation


This letter template provides employers with a simple easy to issue letter to an employee who’s role needs to be made redundant.

If the employee earns less than the High Income Threshold and they are engaged on an employment classification covered by a Modern Award, this letter is used in the initial consultation process when the company forms a view that the employee’s role is potentially no longer required in the business.

This is the initial piece of correspondence to an impacted employee and if as part of the consultation process the you intend to terminate the impacted employee for reasons of redundancy, a separate letter is used, which can be purchased from our document store.

To complete the letter simply fill in the yellow highlighted areas, add your company letterhead and issue the letter to the employee.

This letter should be issued in line with the relevant section of the Exit and Termination Procedure which can also be purchased from our document store.

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