HR Manager

Now you can have big business HR solutions at a small business price

Effective Human Resources planning is ultimately about people, productivity and profit.

If you’re committed to maximising the potential of your workforce, increasing productivity, retention and performance, while also taking care of compliance fundamentals, at last you can do it with HR Manager. Human Outsource also offer additional support for Safety documents should you need it.

With HR Manager, you can access the experience and knowledge you’d get with an experienced, high-level team on board for a fraction of the cost.

In fact, for around the same as you’d pay for a part time administrative assistant (with no HR experience), you can have the same level of skill and experience available to you that only large businesses can usually afford.

HR Manager gives you a dedicated account manager who will visit your business regularly and work with you as part of your team. They’ll liaise, meet with and train your people just like an in-house HR team would; and when they’re not on site, they’re just an email or phone call away.

Why a dedicated HR team is essential

Big businesses invest heavily in HR and Safety to maximise productivity and mitigate the risks of getting it wrong.

But to achieve this they need to employ a whole team of HR professionals and legal advisors to access the breadth of knowledge, skills and experience needed. Navigating the risky and ever-changing world of workplace law is no small feat and requires the best efforts from their human capital.

The vast majority of businesses in this country simply cannot afford these resources so we developed the HR Manager package to provide an affordable solution.

Your own Safety and HR Manager for a fraction of the cost

With HR Manager, you’ll have a dedicated HR consultant, and they’ll have the support of every other consultant and Legal Advisor in the Human Outsource team.

Now you can compete with big business.

Not only will you have your Safety and HR policies always up to date, you’ll have a dedicated resource to assist you with recruiting your people, inducting your people, training your people, developing your people and, when the time comes, saying good bye.

HR Manager provides you with:

  • A full suite of up-to-date HR policies and procedures, documents and templates (HR Fundamentals)
  • 24/7 HR document compliance (Managed HR Docs)
  • Unlimited phone & email based HR Consultancy (HR Advisory)
  • Optional Safety document support

Plus, you have:

  • A dedicated HR Consultant available whenever you need them; and
  • They’ll be right there in your business once a month.

You can have your own HR manager for as little as $2,000.00 per month*. Realistically you’re likely to be investing $60,000 p.a. for a recent graduate with limited HR experience, or even hiring a part-timer. When you weigh up the costs - the decision is an easy one.

*[ Pricing schedule]

under 25 people 25 - 50 people 51 - 100 people over 100 people
$2,000 per month $2,500 per month $3,000 per month POA

The Human Outsource team has many years of experience across all major sectors so you’ll benefit from a wealth of knowledge that no one person could possibly be expected to deliver.

Make an appointment to talk to us about HR Manager in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or wherever you are in Australia.


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