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Human Outsource is a human resources (HR) consulting company offering high-quality services to small and medium-sized businesses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We’re experts in industrial & employment relations, workplace health & safety, workplace psychology and strategic human resources. Our aim is to ensure your HR and Employee Relations run smoothly, so you can avoid industrial disputes and unnecessary Fair Work Commission Claims. If you want to get your workplace relations right, have a chat to a Human Outsource consultant about the human resource solutions we can bring to your business.

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As one of the most established outsourced HR consulting firms in Australia, Human Outsource brings the peace of mind of an in-house HR department to small and medium-sized businesses. If you seek outsourced HR services in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, our team offers a uniquely accessible solution that can transform your employee relations and take your organisation to the next level. We are confident that a specialist human resources consultant from our expert team will be able to offer you an outsourced HR solution to achieve your business objectives with more support, and most importantly, less risk.

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We are all about value for money!

Beginning as a small business ourselves offering HR services in Brisbane, we understand first-hand how an effective human resource consultant can allow your business to sustainably grow.

For over 10 years, Human Outsource has refined its products and services to offer our clients the best value-for-money in HR outsourcing in Australia. We understand that having dedicated, full-time employees working in HR in companies these days is not always necessary when a consultant can be more proficient, experienced and cost-effective. We know that you will not need HR support all of the time, so our service offering is designed to provide value both during those quiet times and in those moments that you need us most. Whether it’s keeping your HR policies up to date, getting Human resources consulting advice when you need it or having our HR team actively involved to resolve an employee relations matter, you will only ever pay for what you need.

Our range of HR products and services gives you choice when it comes to the level of HR support you desire, and unlike some of our competitors, we don’t lock you in for long periods, allowing you to move between our products and services as you require.

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Expert 1:1 employment advice with your own human resources consultant!

Over the past few years more and more businesses have been exposed to legal claims. Whether through the Fair Work Commission or other tribunals, employees are now more aware of their rights and are comfortable to take action if they feel that they are not being treated fairly or appropriately. By getting simple, pragmatic advice from the HR experts at Human Outsource, businesses can significantly mitigate their risk and exposure to such employment claims.

Be proactive with your HR management services and don’t wait until a Fair Work Commission application hits your desk before picking up the phone to get assistance. Outsourcing human resources ahead of time can save you time, stress and money, putting the structures in place to effectively deal with all manner of HR issues

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For those who are unsure where their business’s HR stands and how legally compliant their policies and procedures are, a HR HealthCheck is a must. With a thorough HR audit, we’ll review your existing policies and procedures and recommend the changes needed for you to take control of your HR.


Our HR Fundamentals solution is a must for any business wanting to have their HR documentation reviewed and updated to be legally compliant. With our human resources consultancy available in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and across Australia, you will receive everything you need for instant visibility and control over your HR. Starting with a full HR HealthCheck, we will provide your business with an idea of how you’re going on the HR front and then develop your HR policies and procedures, ensuring you comply with regulations.


An employee assistance program (EAP) is a psychology service for employees to seek professional assistance for their work-related or personal problems. Unlike other employee counselling services, an employee assistance program provides your staff with direct ‘in person’ or ‘on phone’ access to a fully registered and clinical psychologist. The service can also be extended to include immediate family members.


One of our most popular human resource consulting services involves our highly experienced HR consultants conducting a full review and update of your existing HR Framework.

We will update your policy & procedure suite, keeping you up to date and compliant with the latest regulations affecting your organisation and workforce.


Increase employee productivity, retention and performance in your business with a HR Manager. For businesses of all sizes, this option is a popular choice. Our HR consultants in Brisbane and other major cities will provide you with all the HR support you need both on-site and remotely to help you achieve your HR objectives.


Human Outsource provides top quality human resources solutions in Australia’s major cities, including Brisbane. With a human resource consultancy at your fingertips, your business will have access to our HR expertise, in-depth industry knowledge and the high-level experience your business needs to succeed. From fulfilling the role of a recruitment agency to performance management to termination of employment contracts, we can provide advice on every aspect of HR.


Receive access to premium psychology services that provide the advice and services you need to enhance your organisation’s capability.

By outsourcing HR to our expert team,  we can shape tangible solutions that are underpinned by proven tools and contemporary research and methodologies.

From targeted training to executive coaching, HR ORG Assist can set your business on the right path to success.


No two businesses are built the same, which is why a tailored solution is sometimes the best option for your business goals. With our tailored services, we are confident that our Human Outsource HR specials around Australia will provide you with all the HR support you need both on-site and via email or phone to ensure you have total peace of mind. These HR outsourcing services are tailored to meet the needs of your business now and in the future as your organisation grows and new staff members join your team.



For businesses, small & large, we're a leading HR consultant, Brisbane & beyond

What Our Clients Have To Say

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They are very experienced, provide amazing service and don’t shy away from the difficult areas of HR. They have been an excellent addition to our business and have given us the confidence to know that we can manage any HR issue appropriately with their support.  I cannot recommend Mark and the team highly enough.

~ Derek Smith, Business Manager of QVS

Queensland Veterinary Specialist

australian marine conservation society, whale
As a rapidly growing NFP with staff based around Australia, AMCS has found the Human team’s advice invaluable in establishing a policy framework for the organisation and ensuring our “people” practices are industrially sound, and in line with our core values.

Australian Marine Conservation Society

bulk fuel australia final filtered diesel
Human Outsource have been of great assistance to Bulk Fuel Australia with all our HR needs. They have established a thorough knowledge of our business and culture over the past 4 years and have been able to provide very professional advice on matters ranging from recruitment, contracts, disputes, award clarifications and terminations and all in very timely manner.

Bulk Fuel Australia

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