Managing Workplace Relations

Managing Workplace Relations


Our current workplace relations system has a number of fundamental flaws.  While the Fair Work Act, 2009 sought to ‘level the playing field’ a number of the provisions within the law has meant that the system allows employees to make claims with little ramification to their own situation regardless of whether the claim is valid or not.  For employers; however, dealing with a claim can be costly and time consuming given the complexity of the law.  Additionally, the conciliation process that forms part of the employee claim process within the Fair Work Commission is structured to encourage employers to pay ‘go away money’ in the interests of settling a claim to avoid it progressing to hearing.  This can be frustrating for employers as they feel pressured to take a pure ‘commercial view’ of a matter as opposed to dealing with a claim on its merits in a timely and cost-effective manner.

All of our products and services are structured to protect employers and ‘de-risk’ their businesses so as to avoid employee claims within the Fair Work Commission.  Regardless of what occurs with workplace relations legislation in the future, our HR and Employee Relations advice, documents and processes are all structured and delivered in a manner such that you can manage your workforce effectively.

Our highly experienced HR consultants take pride in their ability to quickly understand your business and develop trust and rapport.

So whether you wish to avoid Fair Work Commission claims and litigation or have a employee claim that you now need to respond to Call or email us today to learn more about our workplace relations solutions.

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