HR Advisory Services

HR Advisory Services


HR Advisory forms part of our HR management services and gives you access to the advice, knowledge and experience of director-level human resource consultants who have the high level experience that every business actually needs.

Whether you have a complex industrial relations or employee relations question or just a simple HR support issue to be resolved, our HR consultants have many years of experience across many sectors and have provided human resource solutions for a diverse range of Australian organisations, both large and small. With Fair Work Commission claims on the rise, it is important that you receive timely, high-quality employment advice to avoid unnecessary litigation and enjoy positive workplace relations with your employees. This is where an outsourced HR solution can be highly effective. 

Get the answers you need (when you need them) with ongoing access to a senior HR consultant through our workplace advice service.

HR Advisory gives you phone and email access to the highly experienced Human Outsource team who are here to help you with fast general advice on every aspect of HR services including:

  • HR audit
  • Terminations.
  • Recruitment support.
  • Orientation.
  • Induction.
  • Training.
  • Performance management
  • Employee agreements.
  • Professional and personal development.
  • Disciplinary management.
  • Organisational development and design.
  • Safety.
  • HR software.

For an affordable price you can access our HR Advisory service as part of our suite of HR subscription services anytime during business hours for answers to your questions and general advice about common HR issues.

Call or email us today to learn more about this essential HR consulting service and discover how improving your HR function can improve your overall business outcomes.

HR Advisory

Why You Should Try A HR Subscription With Human Outsource

As a business owner, you know how vital human resources (HR) are for your success. However, by the same token, you also understand how complicated it can be to manage your employees effectively. Often, if you’re handling HR processes yourself, you’ll spend valuable time on tasks that are not your core business. And that’s just a best-case scenario. In more serious instances, self-managed HR can lead to mistakes that harm both your reputation and your employees’ welfare. That’s where seeking the help of professional HR consulting services from Human Outsource can make all the difference.

When you partner with our expert HR firm, not only will your business be compliant and protected from potential lawsuits – we’ll also align your HR system with your broader business goals and strategies. Our team of experienced specialists are familiar with the latest HR practices, taking care of everything from payroll and contracts to performance and culture. We’ll help you save time and money by reducing your overheads and staff costs, while keeping your employees happy by offering them the best benefits and training opportunities.

HR outsourcing services are a proven alternative to employing an in-house HR team yourself. Not only is it more cost effective, but it means our team only performs the HR functions you actually need.

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