At Human Outsource we understand the importance of having the right insurance in place to not only reinforce the HR and Safety support we provide but also to give you absolute piece of mind.  Unlike many of our competitors that offer insurance products, we have taken the time and effort to partner with experts so you can be assured that you receive the very best support in the unlikely event you need to make a claim.  Our products are also very competitive on price as we do not make any commissions on these products.  We simply offer this service as a ‘value-add’ to our clients.

To deliver this product offering we have teamed up with Nexus Risk Services and Franklin Athanasellis Cullen (FAC) Lawyers.  The team at Nexus Risk Services manage all aspects of the insurance products we have on offer, while the team at FAC  Lawyers (one of the finest Employment Law firms in the country) will look after you should a claim be made.

We offer three insurance products:


Designed to help employers minimise the risk and potential cost of claims taken against them by employees.  This insurance coverage covers the costs associated with defending claims such as Unfair Dismissal, Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying.

For as little as $60 per month, this insurance will provide great piece of mind, can be placed ‘on the spot’ and by our HR team and only requires a small amount of follow-up administration.

For more information download our brochure and policy terms.


This product combines both Employment Liability insurance and Statutory Liability Insurance.  In addition to the cover you receive with the Employment Liability product you also receive additional piece of mind with this product, which provides cover to defend against investigations and prosecutions made by regulatory authorities.

For more information download our brochure and policy terms.


If you want complete peace of mind as it relates to claims that may be made against your organisation, our Business Practices Protection is for you.  In addition to the coverage provided by the previous two products, this product also provides coverage for ‘officers’ and ‘directors’ against alleged wrongful acts or alleged failure to discharge their statutory obligations as well as indemnifying the organisation against any alleged wrongful acts.

For more information download our brochure and policy terms.


Regardless of the insurance product you choose, you will be surprised just how affordable these products are.  The reason is that as a client of Human Outsource, you are already going a long way to mitigate the risk of claims and because we offer the products at ‘arm’s length’ and without seeking any commission, we have negotiated fees that are full on value and highly competitive.

If you want great HR and Safety consultancy solutions and the peace of mind that comes with having high quality and affordable insurance solutions, Human Outsource is your one stop shop.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance - Brochure

Employment Practices Liability Insurance - Policy Terms

Corporate Practices Protection Insurance - Brochure

Corporate Practices Protection Insurance - Policy Terms

Business Practices Protection Insurance - Brochure

Business Practices Protection Insurance - Policy Terms

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