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We’re on a mission to make specialist HR strategy accessible and affordable for all businesses.

Workplace law in Australia has implications for all businesses no matter the size of your organisation. While there may be some flexibility for smaller businesses with 15 or fewer employees, these organisations still need to be vigilant and aware of their statutory obligations.

As such, it is important that all Australian businesses understand the impact workplace law and other legislation (including workplace health and safety) can have on your organisation. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you employ 4 or 1,400 employees, you still have obligations to your workforce, which left unchecked can create a commercial risk.

Of course the issue here is that even without in-house HR consultants and resources, you’re still required to be familiar and compliant with the comprehensive legislative frameworks that exist. Not to mention, it’s complex stuff!

What’s worse, failure to develop and operate with the right HR policies and procedures even by accident, which is often the case, can carry some very hefty penalties if something goes wrong. At Human Outsource, our HR consulting services help to prevent rulings against your organisation and keep your doors open for business.

Sadly, many organisations facing the Fair Work Commission and other tribunals are small or medium sized.

Why? We believe it’s simple.

Until now, only larger companies and organisations have had the resources to maintain a high calibre, in-house HR team and significant costs for lawyers to constantly provide advice and review their HR policies, procedures and related documents.

Not any more.

As seasoned HR consultants we knew there had to be a simple HR solution for every kind of business.

We put our heads together and decided it was time smaller businesses in Brisbane and across Australia also had access to the same levels of human resource solutions – planning, consulting and support – as the bigger ones.

We then set about designing a suite of products to suit a range of organisations, for example; an 8-person bookkeeping service, a team of 46 tradespeople, an engineering consultancy of 146 people through to a 450-person manufacturing business.

So whether you’re a small company looking to grow, or a larger company targeting workforce efficiency, you’ll find outsourced HR solutions ensuring human resources management for your business is taken care of.

Now even small business can access big-business HR solutions

For you, that simply means:

  • Peace of mind – knowing your business isn’t sitting on an industrial relations or workplace health and safety time bomb.
  • Confidence – knowing your people are happy, engaged, professionally developed and looked after.
  • Security – knowing your HR policies and procedures will stand up when challenged.

For the manager who is unfamiliar with workplace law and the heavy compliance burdens surrounding the processes of hiring, managing, developing and exiting staff; human resource management can be fraught with danger.

Add to this the constantly changing HR landscape and the job of being fully equipped to develop and manage your human resources strategic plan, this becomes a sizeable job for most owners and operators of small – medium sized businesses.

It isn’t just about risk. If people management is a secondary responsibility for you or someone else in your organisation and you lack access to professional human resources consulting services, it might also be costing you dearly in unrealised potential and productivity if you don’t have the time to apply to it.

It’s time to mitigate risk and boost productivity with a better way to manage HR

Human Outsource is a professional HR consulting firm based in Brisbane, providing human resources consultancy solutions Australia-wide. We’re turning this negative, and potentially destructive, situation on its head by helping all kinds of businesses across all sectors proactively manage their HR policies and procedures into sleep-at-night shape.

Should you choose to outsource human resources, your organisation will also benefit from a strong focus on proactive HR planning, performance management and employee development designed to foster increased productivity, create a great workplace culture and increase the retention of good people.

As well, with outsourced HR you’ll also get your time back, enabling you to focus your expertise on developing and growing your own business.

Take a look at how we can help you keep your business in the good books.

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