HR HealthCheck

Unsure where your HR stands and how legally compliant your human resources and employee relations policies and procedures are? Your best bet is HR HealthCheck conducted by an experienced HR and Employee Relations consultant. We’ll review your business’s current HR policies and procedures and advise you of changes needing to be made to give you peace of mind and keep your most valuable business asset — your employees — happy and engaged. With a HR HealthCheck by Human, you’re empowered to take control of your HR. View More

HR Fundamentals

As policy changes occur, reviewing and updating HR documentation regularly is a must if you’re to ensure your business is up to date and legally compliant to avoid unnecessary Fair Work Commission claims. To help businesses in Australia, we offer our HR Fundamentals solution which provides everything you need, including a full HR HealthCheck. As a dedicated human resources consultancy, Human will give you a complete picture of the present state of your HR and then revise and develop your policies and procedures to ensure you’re 100% compliant with the latest regulations. View More

HR Advisory Services

Are you looking for experienced HR and Employee Relations consultants in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney or elsewhere in Australia? With our HR Advisory Services, you can access reliable human resources solutions that keep you up to date with the latest regulations and your workplace relations well looked after. If you recognise that your business needs access to high-level experience and in-depth industrial and employee relations knowledge to survive and thrive, our HR Advisory Service is for you. We provide expert advice on every aspect of HR, from recruitment through to termination of employment. View More

HR Manager

Maximise the potential of your workforce and empower your business to achieve more through increased employee productivity, retention and performance. HR Manager is an affordable human resource outsourcing solution we provide that pairs your business with an expert human resources consultant who’ll provide the on-site and remote (email and phone) support needed to keep your business profitable, your workforce productive and engaged, and provide you with total peace of mind. View More

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

EAP is a premium psychology support service which we encourage employers to offer their staff (and immediate adult family members where applicable e.g., spouses) to support their emotional & psychological wellbeing in the ever-intertwined professional and personal wellbeing arenas of life. It’s a fact that 1 in 5 Australians take time off work regularly due to anxiety, stress, depression and generally feeling mentally “below par”. EAP can, importantly, improve staff wellbeing and ultimately performance and productivity. This can be done at an individual, team and organisational level with EAP. In order to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of EAP psychological intervention, EAP chooses to only utilise the services of highly experienced practising clinical psychologists registered with the Psychology Board of Australia (PBA) and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). View More

HR Org Assist

Access premium services to provide the advice and services you need to enhance organisational capability. Our organisational advisory team consists of highly experienced psychologists and HR practitioners who can quickly and efficiently tailor a solution for your business. View More

Tailored Services

With our Tailored Services, Human’s HR consultants in Brisbane and other major Australian cities will provide you with all the HR and workplace relations support you need both on-site and via email and phone to ensure you have total peace of mind with your HR. These HR services are tailored to meet the needs of your business now and in the future as your organisation grows and new staff members join your team. Enquire

Policy & Procedure Update

As regulations change it’s important to keep current by reviewing and updating your HR policies and procedures. To help you meet your legal obligations to your workforce and avoid preventable problems such as Fair Work Commission claims that could have major repercussions for non-compliance, Human Outsource will perform an update of your Human Outsource provided Policy and Procedure suite. For more information, click 'View More' to contact us for more details. View More


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