Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Employee Assistance program (EAP) is a psychology service for employees to seek professional assistance for their work-related or personal problems.

Why is our service different?

  • Unlike other employee counselling services, EAP provides your staff with direct ‘in person’ or ‘on phone’ access to a fully registered & clinical psychologistThe service can also be extended to include immediate family members.
  • Unlike mainstream employee support programs that largely utilise counselors, our specialist registered & clinical psychologists provide informed expert advice to support the mental health and wellbeing of your staff and in turn, enhance your workplace productivity, performance and presenteeism.
  • While other employee support programs charge based on your organisation size, we don’t.  Just like our other products we offer a flat rate where you can purchase the number of sessions you want.
  • As part of the EAP service you also receive:
    • Promotional collateral for your workplace, and
    • A confidential, de-identified quarterly report that tracks the usage of your program with key statistics to provide awareness of relevant issues that exist and the insight you need to develop initiatives to enhance the wellbeing of your workplace.

    Any employer, regardless of size, can access the EAP program without the burden of a retainer.  By purchasing sessions for as little as $220 you will have immediate access to the program for your employees.  You only pay for the bundles you need.

Employee Assistance Program

Information Sheet

Bundled Solutions*

3 Pack

3 x 50 Minute Sessions

6 Pack

6 x 50 Minute Sessions

Onsite & Group Session

1 x 50 Minute group/team session (e.g. for team psycho-education sessions and initial critical incident meetings)

*Administered under your existing engagement terms with Human Outsource Pty Ltd. These products do not include travel which will be agreed (if applicable). Once purchased, these bundles may be accessed for a period of up to 12 months.

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