Update your HR policies and procedures with Human Outsource

Update your HR policies and procedures with Human Outsource


For as little as $500 (Ex GST) our highly experienced HR consultants will conduct a full review and update of your existing HR Framework to adhere to all applicable laws.

If you have had your HR policy and procedures in place for a period and think that it’s time for a quick review, this is the product for you.

Call or email us today to learn more about this essential HR consulting service that empowers your business to achieve more.

Policy & Procedure Update


Workplace policies are documented guidelines that establish a clear comprehension of the conduct and performance standards expected from both employers and employees. On the other hand, workplace procedures are detailed instructions for routine tasks, often tied to a workplace policy, designed to aid employees in policy implementation and HR strategy decisions.

Every organisation should possess comprehensive and well-documented policies and procedures that adhere with all local, state and federal laws. Implementing HR policies and procedures that are robust and well-defined offers a range of benefits, including:

  • They help manage legal risks and disputes.
  • They ensure legal compliance with all relevant employment laws.
  • They clarify the rights and expectations of employees.
  • They enable consistent decision-making and provide uniform responses in various workplace situations.
  • They detail how employee grievances and misunderstandings will be addressed.
  • They assist in dealing with disciplinary or performance management issues.
  • They ensure employees understand what behaviour is deemed acceptable and unacceptable in the workplace.
  • They facilitate efficient and consistent communication of vital information to employees, which will in-turn improve employee development across multiple skill areas.
  • They contribute to creating an informed and effective workforce.
  • They enable employers to create a comprehensive ‘employee handbook’ that details all policies and procedures. 


Here is just some examples of HR policies we can develop:

  • Work Health & Safety Policies:

    • These policies ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all employees. They outline procedures for identifying, reporting, and resolving health and safety concerns.
  • Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Policy:

    • This policy prohibits any form of bullying, harassment, or discrimination in the workplace. It provides guidelines for reporting and resolving such incidents.
  • Code of Conduct: 

    • This policy outlines the standards of behaviour expected from employees in order to maintain a positive work environment. It covers aspects like ethics, integrity, and professionalism.
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy:

    • This policy prohibits the use of drugs and alcohol in the workplace. It may also include guidelines for drug testing and consequences for policy violations.
  • Leave Policy:

    • This policy outlines the types of leave available to employees (such as annual, sick, and parental leave) and the procedures for applying for leave.
  • Grievance Policy:

    • This policy provides a mechanism for employees to raise concerns or complaints about the workplace. It outlines the process for handling and resolving grievances.
  • Performance Counselling & Discipline Policy:

    • This policy outlines the process for managing underperformance and misconduct. It includes procedures for performance counselling, disciplinary actions, and possible outcomes.
  • Internet and Email Policy:

    • This policy outlines acceptable use of the company’s internet and email systems. It covers issues like privacy, data security, and inappropriate content.
  • Social Media Policy:

    • This policy provides guidelines for employees’ use of social media, both professionally and personally. It aims to protect the company’s reputation and confidential information.
  • Privacy Policy:

    • This policy outlines how the company collects, uses, and protects personal information. It will ensure compliance with privacy laws and regulations.
  • Driving & Motor Vehicle Policy:

    • This policy outlines the responsibilities of employees when using company vehicles or driving for work purposes. It covers issues like safety, insurance, accident reporting and damage to company property.
  • Working from Home Policy:

    • This policy outlines the expectations and responsibilities of employees who work from home. It covers issues like work hours, communication, and home office setup.

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