HR Advisory

Human Outsource provides top quality human resources solutions and HR consulting services in Australia’s major cities, including Brisbane. With our HR Advisory, you will be able to access the expert advice, in-depth industry knowledge, and high-level experience your business needs to succeed. From recruitment to termination of employment, we can provide advice on every aspect of HR.


HR DocStore

If you would like to develop your own HR policies and procedures our HR DocStore is another great part of the human resources services we offer. This library of up-to-date documents on current HR and safety policies and procedures will allow you to quickly and easily implement the level of HR documentation that you need. Our documents are the most affordable in the market and we do not compromise on quality.


HR Fundamentals

Our HR Fundamentals solution is a must for any business wanting to have their HR documentation reviewed and updated to be legally compliant. With this human resources solution, you will receive everything you need for instant visibility and control over your HR. Starting with a full HR HealthCheck, we will provide your business with an idea of how you’re going on the HR front, and then develop your HR policies and procedures, ensuring you comply with regulations.


HR HealthCheck

For those who are unsure where their business’s HR stands and how legally compliant their policies and procedures are, a HR HealthCheck is a must. With this HealthCheck, we’ll review your existing policies and procedures, and recommend what changes need to be made in order for you to take control of your HR.


HR Manager

Increase employee productivity, retention and performance in your business with HR Manager. For smaller businesses without in-house human resources consulting, this option is a popular choice. Our human resources consultants in Brisbane and other major cities will provide you with all of the HR support you need both onsite and via e-mail and phone for you to have total peace of mind.


Managed HR Docs

Organisation is the key to any successful business. It’s important to keep all areas of your business organised and up-to-date, and this is just as relevant for human resources. With Managed HR Docs, you will be able to keep track of all your HR policies, procedures and document templates on a secure server. Our HR services team in Brisbane make keeping track of your records child’s play regardless of where your business is located in Australia.


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