Managed HR Docs

Managed HR Docs


Workplace law is extremely complex and frequently changing, which can make it very difficult to handle HR ‘part time’.

We see it as our job to stay on top of legislation affecting businesses as well as current employment case law and recommend a best practice system on your behalf.

That’s why many businesses rely on Managed HR Docs to keep all their HR policies, procedures and document templates up to date at all times on our secure servers.

Instead of relying on positive employee relationships to insure against unfair dismissal claims, adverse action claims or other industrial relations concerns, you’ll have real peace of mind knowing your HR policy templates, procedures, contracts and documents are compliant with the most recent legislation and insights from the latest employment case law.

Did you know: Managed HR Docs service is already included as part of all of our HR Manager subscription solutions (along with everything else you need to have your HR entirely managed).

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HR Advisory & Managed HR Docs


Managed HR Docs


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