Christmas is fast approaching and with that in mind we need to consider our policies regarding employee behaviour during the silly season.

Your employees have worked hard throughout the year and it’s time to let down your hair and celebrate your achievements.

However, the staff Christmas party isn’t an open invitation to disregard what you would consider to be unacceptable behaviour at any other time of the year.

You have a duty of care to your employees to ensure they are safe and your business reputation is upheld.
No-one wants to be the Grinch but your workers need to know very clearly what is and isn’t appropriate, and understand fully any consequences of stepping over the line.

Remember, just because it may be being held off-site, it is still a work function and work policies still apply.
Employers open themselves up to a variety of claims, including bullying and harassment, if they are not careful. You are still legally responsible for their conduct.

Responsible alcohol consumption should be enforced at any function and you should ensure your workers are able to get home safely.

It’s also worth reminding your staff that just because the end of the year is approaching doesn’t mean jobs are rushed and safety goes out the door. Don’t let simple tasks turn into injury claims.

Do you have a policy in place covering work functions and appropriate worker behaviour or do you need guidance in this area?
Human Outsource can help you. Contact Us for more information on how we can assist you.

From all the team here, we wish you, your workers and your families a very happy and safe Christmas and a productive 2018.